Saturday, August 19, 2006

Saturday – Wow, We’re Spending an Entire Week at the Beach

My parents arrived at my apartment with dog in-hand on Saturday night with two requests, clean bed sheets and crabs. Our living quarters are a nice midway point for them to rest instead of making a straight drive of over 10 hours down the scenic DelMarVa peninsula. The first request was easy enough, but thanks to some ridiculous NJ Turnpike traffic by the Delaware Memorial Bridge, a trip to Jimmy Cantler’s Inn in (haha) Annapolis was not an option. I called the Bethesda Crab House who told me to call back in 45 minutes as they were out of crabs. I’m sorry, but if you’re going to call yourself the Bethesda Crab House, I’d like to think you’ll have plenty of crabs for the people of Bethesda, but it happens.

Just print this picture and color inside the lines.

My only backup was the Dancing Crab situated just beyond the MD/DC border. We wanted carryout, and though I was told the Dancing Crab didn’t offer that on the weekend, I must have talked with the right person (meaning the owner) and got carryout for a dozen crabs, some ears of corn, and crab soup. My parental units and I did the crab eating experience outdoors and had the usual differences of opinion when it comes to eating parts other than crabmeat. The corn was adequate, but I’d skip the crab soup as it really lacked that key ingredient you’d expect in crab soup that the locals call crabmeat. After that, it was time to rest for the drive tomorrow.

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