Thursday, August 24, 2006

Thursday – My Aunt and Uncle Did What in a Pool? And Did They Do That In Ours?

After the prescribed BPHTN, my SO, cousin, and I went to Harris Teeter to prepare for our night of cooking. My cousin made some Cornell marinated chicken and we made two huge bowls of my SO’s colorful pasta salad. Both tasted great. That night we watched the ocean come in 15 feet further than the day before as a windy storm blew through. It was a site to see how powerful even this little storm was. I can’t imagine how any of these homes make it through a nor’easter or hurricane. This was a Taboo night (I realize I have nights and games mixed-up, but just go along and nod your head) and it was lots of fun. Nevermind my father kept cheating by covering the ineligible words from the other team’s observer, but we also learned (as my cousin’s boyfriend arrived that night) something about my aunt and uncle that I could have lived without knowing.

Uncle with clue in-hand: We did this at *undisclosed*’s pool.

Aunt (non-chalantly): Oh, skinny-dipping.

Laughter ensues and we learn WAY TOO MUCH INFORMATION!

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Father Creator said...

This one just leaves me speachless and some what confused as to your sense of morality,going skinny dipping should be a "natural" for everyone-including your parents who have done it to many times to remember. What kind of a prude are you? Where is your spotinaty?Yours truly Father Creator of the Tenafly Parish.