Sunday, August 06, 2006

Time to Get Jealous

I recognize I'm being quite presumptuous, but for the next week I'll be hanging out in Nags Head on that strip of sand in the Atlantic Ocean known as the Outer Banks (OBX for those bumper sticker lovers). It's an extended family type of vacation and we've got a nice place on the beach. It's one of those huge homes that I used to wonder, "who would ever rent a house that large?". Well, as I've found out, when you have 15 people staying together, you need as much space as possible. Even so, I'll be sure to take a few walks away from the gang to get some fresh air and avoid family claustrophobia.

I'm excited to renew the family tradition of "becoming one with the ocean", following my dad as he walks a mile from the house to find the perfect spot on the beach (though our point of entry would suffice), and watching my mom reveal her inner-dolphin as she swims to England with incredible ease. I've got my sunblock ready (fair-skinned people like myself don't do well with the sun), frisbee, football, wiffle ball set, umbrellas, chairs, boardgames, and of course golf clubs. My mom wants to play a real course for the first time so we'll play 9 holes at Goose Creek. It bills itself as a family-friendly course, though wide fairways still don't guarantee it'll be an easier for me. She's aware of golf etiquette like the pace of play and ready golf so here's hoping it's a good walk that's not spoiled.

So if you need to get your blog-fix, checkout the archives or some of my links. Of course, you could always turn off the computer and do something outside, but where's the fun in doing anything without air conditioning? The harsh reality is five of my blog's eight regular readers will join me so not only will I not get their website visits this week, but when I recap the trip, they have no reason to read it. As I try to end this stream-of-conscious-post, remember to stay cool this week, watchout for jellyfish, wear sunscreen, don't stay in one of the hot tubs too long (as if that's possible), build a sand castle, and ride some waves.

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