Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hitting For The Religious Wedding Cycle

Over the last month I attended a Jewish wedding, a Christian wedding, a Hindu wedding, and a Muslim wedding (last night)...completing the 4-week religious wedding cycle. It helped that the Christian and Hindu weddings were for the same couple on the same day...a doubleheader if you will.

The only non-annoying bumper sticker I've ever seen.

Sure there are other religions and beliefs like Buddhism, Atheism, (the equivalent of a no-hitter?), and being Agnostic, but the fact that I haven't found any reference to a religious wedding cycle before, allows me to claim mine as the first. My cycle covers the 3 most populous religions in Christianity, Hindu, and Islam, as well as some of the oldest in Judaism and Hinduism (both BC).

No matter the religion...we all enjoy weddings and say congratulations with the same voice.

Ceremonies lasted as long as 30-45 minutes (Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism) to not seeing the ceremony for the Muslim wedding. I was in the bridal party for one, corrected programs being handed out for another, and was a casual bystander for the finale. Dinners ranged from chicken to Indian buffet to lots of lamb. The weddings took me from Shaker Heights to the Dulles Hilton and to Princeton. Reception music ranged from 70s disco to DMX to traditional Muslim music from Egypt.

So yeah. The weddings differed quite a bit, but all had one bride and one groom in love and announcing it to the world. And that knows no religious difference.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

AT&T National = Tony Romo + Jessica Simpson Relationship Killer

Just a few days after I saw Tony Romo and Jessica Simpson doing the athlete-celebrity thing at the AT&T National, the couple is no more. This isn't such a surprise because they've broken up a million times before according to US Weekly. What's bad news for them is good news for me because I can segue smoothly to a belated post about my time at the Pro-Am with my dad.

Onto the pictures!

We went to the pro-am because Tiger doesn't' allow cameras on the course during the tournament. One pro with three amateurs meant you could easily tell whose ball was whose...and in this case it's the one 5 feet from the flag.

Congressional's blue course sure doesn't look like the muni courses I play...the fairways were actually green!

Here's B and T Crowd in action...rocking the sunhat because his dermatologist said so.

Vijay Singh is one tall guy...

...who hits the ball a mile.

Bring your larger bills if you get hungry...$3 for a PB&J!!

Why do all amateurs insist on swinging harder when K.J. Choi's fluid swing shows you don't need to in order to hit it with a slight fade over 300 yards?

Tiger Woods was paired with Tony Romo. With Romo playing with a 2 handicap, he hit just as close as Tiger most of the time.

Tiger let his caddie, a military vet, take his putt for birdie, as did Romo.

Tiger's headcover...sweet! I wonder what it'd get on Ebay.

Tiger's upper back and shoulders looking trim. He was all of 5 feet from me, but somehow, despite sharing cubic centimeters of oxygen together, none of his ability transferred to me. That's right, I breathed his golfing carbon dioxide.

Tiger crushing the ball on #8 after I told him to hurry up with my battery running low. He makes it look so easy and hits the ball so hard and so far that it's just not fair. His tee shots sounded crisper than all the other pros.

Here's what it looks and sounds like from a real videocamera and not my 3.1 MP dinosaur.

Pick your next life...QB for the Cowboys and a great golfer...or the best golfer on the planet and married to a Swedish nanny. I'm taking door #2.

Tiger's event supports military veterans and their families. All members of the military got in for free and were given complimentary food, drinks, etc. in their own pavilion.

Behold, Bruce Boudreau, coach of the Washington Capitals...the only coach in DC whose job is safe.

Jason Campbell missing a putt like his team misses the playoffs...zing!

From a HUI came...

...the Screaming Eagles parachuting onto the first fairway. Replace those divots!

A real celebrity giving an autograph.

Tony, Tiger, and Jessica...Oh my...she's not arm in arm with Tony...gossip!

Jessica looked great and did a decent job singing the National Anthem.

If only I could steal a set of clubs from the putting green.

Putting together a care package for the troops.

I told you it's not fair how good these guys are.

Tuesday, July 07, 2009

In France It's Called Le Biggest Big Mac In The World

With time to spare on my way to a wedding in Shaker Heights, OH, this weekend, I visited the only roadside attraction on the Pennsylvania Turnpike...the world's largest Big Mac (exit 67 off I-76).

Despite having eaten a Big Mac maybe once before, I can still appreciate its intrinsic artistic architecture. It's that whole combination of "two all beef patties, special sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles, onions on a sesame seed bun" with its 29 grams of fat and 1,040 mg of sodium that make it so American.

Yep, the Big Mac has it's own museum in the middle of Pennsylvania. How glorious!

I see something behind that window...could it be???

Yes! There it is...Fast food's version of Michelangelo's "David."

It was big alright, but I was disappointed to find out it wasn't edible.

Imagine my lactose intolerant self eating these cheese slices!

Bow before the great artery clogger.

The grand unveiling!

Just when this waste of 5 minutes of my life couldn't get any better...there were Playstation 1 games!

Is this really the top video on YouTube for "Big Mac?"

Probably not a good thing to make management into bobbleheads.

Sadly, the Big Mac museum was a much better experience than the Pro Football Hall of Fame a few days later.