Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hitting For The Religious Wedding Cycle

Over the last month I attended a Jewish wedding, a Christian wedding, a Hindu wedding, and a Muslim wedding (last night)...completing the 4-week religious wedding cycle. It helped that the Christian and Hindu weddings were for the same couple on the same day...a doubleheader if you will.

The only non-annoying bumper sticker I've ever seen.

Sure there are other religions and beliefs like Buddhism, Atheism, (the equivalent of a no-hitter?), and being Agnostic, but the fact that I haven't found any reference to a religious wedding cycle before, allows me to claim mine as the first. My cycle covers the 3 most populous religions in Christianity, Hindu, and Islam, as well as some of the oldest in Judaism and Hinduism (both BC).

No matter the religion...we all enjoy weddings and say congratulations with the same voice.

Ceremonies lasted as long as 30-45 minutes (Judaism, Christianity, and Hinduism) to not seeing the ceremony for the Muslim wedding. I was in the bridal party for one, corrected programs being handed out for another, and was a casual bystander for the finale. Dinners ranged from chicken to Indian buffet to lots of lamb. The weddings took me from Shaker Heights to the Dulles Hilton and to Princeton. Reception music ranged from 70s disco to DMX to traditional Muslim music from Egypt.

So yeah. The weddings differed quite a bit, but all had one bride and one groom in love and announcing it to the world. And that knows no religious difference.

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