Friday, August 18, 2006

OBX Vacation Executive Summary

It was a great vacation. The weather was great.The people (and pets) were great. The food (outside of one meal) was great. The house was great. The only thing I could ask for is more time there with my fellow housemates and housepets. Awwwww.

My body's in Maryland, but my mind is still at the beach.

The only planning for this trip involved where we’d stay and how we’d get there. We talked about a round of golf, parasailing, hang-gliding, visiting the Wright Brothers museum, or taking a boat ride with some dolphins. Of those, I only played 9 holes of golf. This is what happens when the weather is too nice to leave the house and the fact that the beach is at your doorstep.

Boardwalk cheesiness is not found at OBX.

With the beach there’s zero desire to get back in a car and drive to do something when you already have everything you need to relax. The beach was right there for our taking everyday and everynight. It beckoned, summoned, and bullied us to it with its clean beaches, warm water, and ample space for umbrellas and chairs. Unlike the Jersey shore and its cheesiness (outside of Avalon/Stone Harbor), Ocean City and its ridiculous Velveetaness, and Rehobeth/Dewey Beach’s niceness, we were always at least 50 feet from our nearest fellow beachcomber. Not really to my dad’s chagrin, we no longer had to follow him as he trekked a ½ mile from our (gasp!) public entry point to find an open plot of sand. Nope. We just walked 20 feet from our pool to our beach. I could get used to this lifestyle, especially when I can go the entire week and only get sunburned on my feet.

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