Thursday, August 17, 2006

3,547 Words on the Outer Banks Over Nine Parts

In lieu of tired typing fingers, I will divide my Outer Banks (OBX) entries by day and publish them two weeks from when they occurred. I will start with the Saturday (8/5) pre-trip festivities and finish with Sunday’s return trip (8/13) entry. A genius plan, I know. Beware that the amount of letters, spaces, and punctuations herein surpass my quadruple Disneyworld posts. You might want to print these entries out for bathroom reading. I’m not implying that these entries are a bunch of crap, but you’re welcome to think of them that way – everyone’s a critic afterall. I considered calling these entries special reports, but that wouldn’t do enough to separate them from the junk Geraldo Rivera and John Stossel (who were both popular examples in J-school of people (since they’re not reporters), with zero journalism ethics), put out there just to scare the public into higher ratings. I digress.

DISCLAIMER: As always, family relations are used to protect the innocent and the order of our gamenights may have been changed simply because I couldn’t keep track of them. Please contact the Omnipotent Blog That’s Not Interesting’s ombudsman at: IT-IS-CALLED-POETIC-LICENSE@SO-DEAL-WITH-IT.COM.

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