Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Tuesday – Lead Foot Meet the Open Road…Open Road Meet the Lead Foot

With hopes of still playing golf on Wednesday, my uncle and I went to the Cape Hatterras lighthouse on another partly cloudy day. It’s the tallest brick lighthouse in the country at some 300 feet, give or take. Before leaving, we said goodbye to my mom’s friends who were most welcome at the house the last two days. After quickly recognizing my uncle’s grand ability to pass cars using a dotted yellow line, I certainly wasn’t going to nap during the hour-long drive. That Lincoln Navigator sure has some acceleration when a tractor-trailer is coming at you in the same lane.

Big pimpin'...P-I-M-P!

After climbing the 278 stairs (who says I don’t splurge?), we enjoyed the average views from the top. There really wasn’t much to see except some beach and the tops of several trees. The wind was very strong up there and I almost lost my DC National’s visor I got for free. I had hooked it around my camera bag, only to unlatch the cover to the camera, thereby freeing the visor. Yes, I’m an idiot. I was lucky because the visor fell to the ground and was wedged between the floor and railing.

The lighthouse before moving 3/4 mile inland.
The walk down wouldn’t have been too bad if not for some slow walkers, like the kind you find at major malls. Akin to letting better/faster golfers play-through on the course, these people should have let my SO and I pass them from the start. They finally obliged with 3 flights to go, but not before hearing us complain under our breath. Afterward, we drove to where the lighthouse used to be and then made our way back home, but not before we picked up some more NYC pizza in NC for the house.
Is it that strange to go to the Outer Banks only to eat NYC style pizza?
We spent the rest of the time doing the BPHTN and ate my cousin’s hearty turkey burgers off the grill. I think this was also our first night of Scattegories. If it wasn’t, don’t feel free to correct me since I combine the funnier moments into one post later this week. I have always loved Scattegories as it speaks to my creative, quick-thinking side of the brain. Sure, I say some ridiculous and usually bogus answers, but they’re all in the name of fun. The first night’s winner was my aunt’s daughter who averaged an impressive 7 answers per round.


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