Monday, May 30, 2005

Mmmmm...A dozen blue crabs in 24 hours

I hope everyone's Memorial Day weekend went well. There was no update the last few days because I was too busy eating more crabs and ingesting enough sodium to cure all the world's red meat.

I went to two Maryland crab mainstays this weekend - my always favorite Cantler's Maryland Blue Crab House in Naptown on Sunday night and my virgin crabfeast at Mike's Crab House in Riva on Saturday night.

Despite being around for 45 years, Mike's had rather average crabs. Our waiter went from telling us they had large and medium crabs, to just mediums, to none, to having large ones in the next delivery if we waited 20 minutes. Of course we'd wait until there were crabs since it's a MD faux pas to visit a legit crab house and not order at least a 1/2 dozen crabs. The seasoning was nothing special in my humble opinion. Unlike Cantler's, I had no desire to discreetly remove (really steal) some seasoning for my own cooking. Mike's gets some points because it had more seating than Cantler's, but sitting down quickly for an average meal with really poor service does nobody any good.

Once again, Cantler's came through with a great blue crab eating experience. Thanks to having larger crabs actually available at the late holiday weekend mealtime of 9, to the great seasoning that is better than the old standby of Old Bay Seasoning, to better service, to even the stupendous slice of key lime pie to finish things off, Cantler's is impossible to beat. It is the best crab house in Maryland and would stand on its own nationwide. It's clear that I'm not the first, nor the last one to rave about this institution. So a big thanks to Jimmy Cantler and the crabcatchers for a great meal.

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