Tuesday, May 17, 2005

The Ultimate $7,400,000 Bar Mitzvah Party

Some British billionaire retailer is throwing his son a gigantic, 3-day Bar Mitzvah party in the French Riviera. I used to think some of the Mitzvah parties around my old neck of the woods were extravagant when I heard a family rented out Giants Stadium or Continental Airlines Arena. Philip Green really takes the cake with a 3-day event that requires him to charter a private jet for the 200 guests. Not only is the setting incredible, but he also hired Destiny's Child to perform.

In the land of the B and T Crowd, the entertainment was either a DJ, with a dancer or two, or a good-sized band. While hip hop and some pop songs don't translate well with a band, it still is a nice thing to have. If you went with a DJ/dance troupe, back in the day the "best" was and appears to still be the forever cheesy Hart to Hart Entertainment.

While this kid's party in the French Riviera sounds great, I just hope it's not the father's way of making up for all the time he's not at home and to impress his friends.

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