Wednesday, May 25, 2005

Sure my "package" is large, but it does not have explosives

Florida's Interstate 75 was shutdown for an hour yesterday, as investigators handled a suspicious looking package. They thought it was a pipe bomb, but instead was just a foot-long penis (that's right, I typed it out) wrapped in duct tape. Thanks to "construction-grade plastic" and a good mold, authorities were able to determine the object from first-hand (either left or right) knowledge for sure. Fortunately, the penis was not a real bomb and of course did not explode. While we're here, I was just wondering, would you call the work that bomb exploders do...blow jobs? I'm just surprised none of the quoted investigators were named Johnson or that I could think of other ways to write italic double-entendres.

Lookout, it's a penis bomb!

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Anonymous said...

I guess my "little boy" has grown up. I never should have left your sex education to your father.
Your Mother