Friday, February 03, 2006


Maybe it's just my bad luck, but everywhere I've worked in the last 10 years has had the worst smelling sponge by the kitchen sink. People seem to not care at work as much as they do at home (as I give them the benefit of the doubt) to wring out the dirty water and soap before replacing the sponge. Ya'll (you all) know the smell I'm talking about. I can't compare it to anything other then what it is - that mildewy sponge smell. The worst is when you clean your bowl or plate with it before the sponge's smell reaches you. Now you've got a clean plate that smells bad. Instead of smelling the sponge before I clean as you might suggest, I'm better off washing with some paper towels since I can just throw them out. I also avoid having to smell the sponge at all. So I ask you on this Friday before the Super Bowl, please don't forget to wring your sponges.

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