Wednesday, February 22, 2006

Lactose Friendly to the Last Drop

I usually start my workday with a bowl of cereal. It's part of my small snacks throughout the day diet (SSTTDD) that will eventually get detailed in another blog, probably around the same time I exercise on a regular basis again which will be around the same time it's regularly over 60 degrees in these parts which will be around the same time that there's no ice on my car each morning. Anyway, I went to get my carton of Lactaid milk only to realize there may not be enough left for this morning's bowl. I told myself to relax. I've dealt with this problem before. I know what to do. Though I am a professional, you should do this at home since it'll work for you too.

It's really milk-flavored water.

When I have little milk left, I make it a point to pour in concentric circles around the bowl for even distribution. Panic spread as the milk pooled halfway below my normal milk line. I began eating my Raisin Bran by sifting the milk from each spoonful. This way my flakes were wet, but I didn't drink any extra milk that they couldn't absorb. It's times like this that really test your character. Sure I could be greedy and drink the extra milk on the spoon, but then the other flakes wouldn't have their moment in the sun, or in this case my mouth.

Desperate times call for desperate measures when you only have a cup of milk for cereal.

Plus, I wasn't about to eat dry cereal or I would have had to add water at that point. I don't think watered cereal would taste good, but some people swear by it. Then again, many people think my fat free lactaid milk is just flavored water. Thanks to my advanced milk-saving technique, there was enough milk to douse every flake and raisin with almost no leftover milk. The next test is remembering to buy another carton this evening before getting to work tomorrow and opening the fridge only to realize I have no milk at all.

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Brian Greenbaum said...

You may be the first to describe the all-to-common procedure of tryinig to eat cereal when there's not enough milk. Although swirling the drippings around the bowl actually makes little difference, it's funny that we all do the same thing. It's wonderful how blogging gives us the opportunity to discuss the mundane, when reading about the mundane gives us a sense of comfort and humility about ourselves. Wow, that was deep.