Monday, February 13, 2006

DC's Newest Obstacle Course

If the storm was today, all of us could have left work early and had tomorrow off, um, I mean we would have worked from home. Today's drive wasn't too bad thanks to all of the major roads on my route, but removing my car's ice delayed me, just like everyone else. I'll have you know I'm above complaining about the ice on my car or that my socks finally dried around 9 after stepping in the snow.

Some people think this car's ready for 495.

Nope, I'm going to make a request to my fellow drivers...please clear all of the snow off your car before driving. Besides the danger that comes when you don't have the ability to see out some of your key windows, like the front, the remaining snow seems to fall at the most inopportune times. Would it have taken that much out of you to wipe your shovel, scraper, brush, or even you arm across the hood, roof, and trunk and knock the snow off before leaving?

Don't worry, you don't need a clean windshield in Georgetown.

While it's convenient to let it fall while driving, its falling (just go with it) is distracting to other drivers and shows you're just lazy and inconsiderate. You clearly took the time to clear your windows of snow so it wouldn't have been that hard to knock out the rest of the car. To the person driving his/her SUV on the Key Bridge into VA this morning with a few inches of snow on the roof and us all a favor and wipe off the snow so when it falls it doesn't make the road an instant obstacle course with cars swerving.

Gotta love homemade dustpan shovels.

On another note, a neighbor of mine used a dustpan for his shovel, only to break it while trying to get at some ice at the front of his car. I held in my laughter out of respect and because I knew his situation all too well. Back in college, I had to borrow a shovel to get my car out because I hadn't given enough domestic thought to living on my own and that I'd need a shovel. I remember some kids were using their pots and pans. It must have been much to ask a neighbor for a shovel like I did. As far as my current neighbor, he was barely able to drive out of his space and didn't ask for my shovel. I wouldn't have given it to him anyway since he still had a few inches of snow on his roof.

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MappyB said...

I agree - people NEED TO CLEAN OFF THEIR CARS! I don't drive anymore since I metro everywhere now, but man, that used to be my biggest winter pet driving peeve.