Wednesday, February 15, 2006

I Did It...I watched Entertainment Tonight!

Yes folks, I managed to watch ET on my birthday. I taped it and fast forwarded through all of their stupid entertainment stories. Finally, I make it to the birthday segment and all I got was great disappointment. A teaser question asked, "which former sitcom mom used to host her own radio show?" (or something like that as I paraphrase). Nevermind that it's Florence Henderson who turned 72.

Was it too much to put this on screen with some more celebrity pictures?

After the commercial they showed a picture of her. I thought that that was fine since they had to give the answer and would then continue with other birthdays. I would at least see the clipart birthday cake and candles with the other celebrities who share my birthday. Yeah, um, not so much. No other celebrities were shown nor was the clipart. I waited ten years for this? After Florence's picture, ET had a quick two-shot and it was time for credits. That was it. Clearly ET believes the birthday segment is not the best way to keep viewers. While that's true and it would have been nice to see more than Mrs. Brady's picture, at least I don't have to say, "Damnit, I forgot to watch the birthday segment on ET again."

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