Friday, March 11, 2005

Would you like a blister with that fireplace?

So last night I decided I would burn some of the remaining firewood in the apartment as winter will eventually end one of these days and I'm busy tonight and tomorrow night so there won't be much chance to get rid of the wood. The fire started pretty well as I created a triangle formed with a duraflame log at the bottom with two logs forming the arches, with some smaller pieces inside. Quite frankly, I must say I did a good job setting things up.

The duraflame log starting doing its thing and the rest of the fire was going well, until I decided it was time to add two more pieces to keep the fire going. About 40 minutes into the fire, it sparked a bit, but I didn't think much of it since the apartment didn't catch on fire. So I figured I had nothing to worry about when I began walking with the new wood. Well I stepped down with my left foot and suddenly felt a sharp pain in my left toe, second from the left.

I figured it was just a splinter so I looked at the toe and didn't see a splinter at all, it was even better, it was a 1-inch by 1-inch piece of charred wood that was still very very hot. So hot in fact that a blister began to develop in my toe. I immediately put an ice cube on the toe which seemed to help for a few minutes. However, the pain started to come back so I made a mini-bath for the toe to cool things off and stop the pain.

Eventually the blister formed and filled with all that good stuff inside and well, as of this morning my toe hurts when I put pressure on it, but at least I took care of the blister last night and learned a valuable lesson.

Don't step on smoldering pieces of wood.

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