Sunday, March 06, 2005

My Right Knee, Iron Chef America, and a Great Movie

I know, I know, that headline is so creative and intriguing that you just have to read what I'm about to write, or you could go about your life without reading it and be better off.

I played ultimate (albeit poorly as always) for 45 minutes, heeding the advice of my orthopedist and my mom. And what do you know, but my knee isn't hurting as badly as it was last Sunday, but if we learned anything, it's that the real test is tomorrow. I'm confident it'll go better than last time.

I just watched "Friday Night Lights" and think it's one of the best sports movies I've ever seen. The plot moved along, there was great acting, and the make or break point of any movie - the action play scenes were incredibly real. If you want a real review of it, I usually agree with the Post's take on a movie. Here's is the great review when the movie premiered. Sure, it's not on Chupper's movie reviewing level, but it does a good job.

On another random note, a great Washington D.C. forecasting blog is

I'm watching "Iron Chef America" and it's just a great show. It really gets me thinking about possible dishes I could make, but it also makes me realize my meals leave a lot to be desired. No matter, I'll continue dreaming of great meals everynight in a vain attempt to match Morimoto and Bobby Flay. The reality is my meals won't change, but for an hour it's fun to think I'll be inspired to change my ways. And for the record, I am the Champion Shake N' Bake Chef...let's see them use that as a secret ingredient!

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