Saturday, March 12, 2005

Oh I know, Let Me Walk Behind The Van As It Backs Out

So I was just at the Chipotle in Rockville since I don't feel like making dinner out of the scraps of stuff I have here. I had parked my car next to this large van, ya know, one of those that seats 8 people or so. No problems so far, until I was walking back to my car. As I approached my car, the van was pulling out so I kindly waited for the driver to finish backing the van out of the parking spot and going on her way so I could do the same.

Well wouldn't you know it, but while this huge van is backing out of its spot and essentially blocking any path around it since it is has to use all of its alloted space to back all the way out, this woman decides that that is the best time to walk BEHIND THE VAN!

Hey lady! Are you crazy? Are you in such a rush that you have to get by this multi-ton van and buy your new coffee maker from Linens' N' Things? I mean really, did she think the van wouldn't hurt her if it kept going its way?

It's not like she could have missed the van since she looked right at its white reverse lights on. Fortunately, she was able to sneek behind the van without any harm, but I mean come on! Sure, I've walked behind a sedan or two as it's backing out, but only when there's plenty of room and the car hasn't pulled all the way out yet. This van was huge so thank the person upstairs that she wasn't hurt b/c that wouldn't have been a good scene.

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