Wednesday, March 16, 2005


Last night's dinner is always a treat. Imagine a place where you can choose to eat anything you want, in any amount, whenever you want (for $12.95). Yes my friends, the invention of the buffet is quite a great thing and is available in its highest form at the Fortune Star Buffet. Washington D.C.'s largest Chinese buffet is located off Nicholson road, as is self-described as an "All You Can Eat International Gourmet Food Emporium."

All you can eat...oh yeah, it's true.

International...China and the U.S., yep. Maybe single-handedly saving the relationship.

Gourmet...well, most of the dishes are tasty, but to be honest, not all of the options are winners. See: crab legs, some of the tuna sushi, and all of the cake squares. Other than that, you can't go wrong with a plate of chocolate pudding, lo mein, pork-fried rice, and some sushi (with extra wasabi). The peaches and pineapple slices are always fresh, not to mention the spectacular Chinese donuts.

Food...not only does this buffet actually have food, but it also has unlimited drinks. Mmmmm...chinese tea.

Emporium...well, it's not really necessary to add this to its description, but from what I've tasted, they can add whatever they want.

The reason for the buffet visit was a real hankering for some chocolate pudding. I just needed the chocolate pudding (since the Baked Cheetos already had their day in the sun). I worked my way from a bowl of soup to some sushi, to lo mein, to chicken and brocoli, and on and on. Of course, though I felt full, I split a plate of chocolate and vanilla pudding, with some jello on the side with my lucky co-eater.

I knew from the start that this wouldn't be much of a food review since I don't have the best vocabulary to describe food (because I've never done it before), but just know that if you live in the area or anywhere that the Internet is available, find a way to the Fortune Star Buffet and you won't regret it.

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