Friday, March 11, 2005

The door's not shut yet, but... sure is close. If Va. Tech loses today, MD can still hope they'll earn a seed in the NCAA tournament, but it's hard to put them in the way they've played in their last few games. Since beating Duke, their last win was a double-OT squeaker against Virginia. After Duke they lost at NC State, then beat Virginia, then lost at home vs. clemson, vs. UNC, at Va. Tech, and now again vs. Clemson. It sure doesn't sound like a tournament team to me. MD's saving grace is its Strength of Schedule ranking of 10th, and and MPI of 58, but I don't think that that's enough, even with some other bubble teams losing yesterday.

I read on a MD message board that Gilchrist said in an interview that he's aware that some things he did had a negative affect on the team. When his head is in the game, he's a really good player, so let's hope that he decides to return next year with the recognition that he's expected to lead the team by example and not help with its demise.

Some of you have asked about my well-being with the team playing as it has. Thanks for your concern, but I'm holding up well because I'm not surprised by this team's disappointing play. I think it will hurt when the tourney takes place and MD's not playing. Since I've really followed the team, they've always made the NCAA's. It had to end sometime, but I just didn't see it happening this year at all.

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