Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Where's the shopping cart bar?

This weekend I was doing my early morning Target food shopping ($3.39 for Lactaid milk can't be beat) and was pushing my shopping cart around. It was nothing out of the ordinary until I tried resting my foot on the cart while my partner in crime was choosing her granola bars. My foot rose from the floor and was placed along the cart's backside only to hit the floor again.

Is it too much to ask for a foot rest?

That's right. In my unclearest way of telling you, there is no bar on the back of Target's carts. It is such a nice convenience to rest your foot there or even try riding it like a scooter, but you can't do either at Target. Maybe with a bar, cart pushers would have more control so situations I've faced before in the supermarket wouldn't happen.

What sick world do we live in that doesn't allow Target carts to be used as scooters?

This happened at the same Rockville Target that has a shopping car lifting escalator, but no shopping cart bar on the back. If this was done to prevent kids, punks, or youth from using the carts like scooters, well then Target doesn't have enough faith in its parental shoppers' ability to stop their kids from acting like fools. I agree some kids seem to do what they want, especially around the toy section, but there's no need to penalize all of us older, (even maturer), kids from resting our feet or having some fun.

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ARKBAN said...

I talked to my inside man at Target, and he informed me that there is no kick bar to allow the cart into that special escalator-for-shopping-carts-thingy. I did notice there is a kick bar way up under the middle, but I think it's just for stability.