Monday, January 23, 2006

Real Men of Genius - Chris McCray Edition

In light of MD basketball's academic eligibility issues with Chris McCray, someone on the MD message board posted this funny take on the "Real Men of Genius" ads:

Narrator: The University of Maryland Men's Basketball Team presents ... Real Men of Genius

Singer: Real Men of Genius!

Narrator: Today we salute you, Mr. Star athlete notorious class skipper

Singer: Mr. Star athlete notorious class skiiiiper!!

Narrator: Despite given a free education, you decided to keep it real and focus your time on a much greater endeavor: impregnating unattractive white women.

Singer: Daaaamn she ugly!!!

Narrator: Not only does your quickness, agility, and strength help you throw down monsterous dunks on the court, but also from avoiding and resisting arrest off the court on the weekends.

Singer: Pleeeeeease hold still sir!

Narrator: When it's all said and done, the only thing slower than your release is in fact your ability to compute simple arithmatic problems in pre-algebra on Tuesday mornings.

Singer: Wheeere's your tutor?

Narrator: So go to the bar and crack open another cold one with your teammates. And if some teacher aint given you your props, slap that bitch across the face and tell her "I'm from Maryland and nobody can teach me"

Singer: Mr. Star athlete notorious class skiiiper!


Anonymous said...

This isn't even funny.Your pathetic attempt at humoring these people is quite ridiculous and boils down to nothing but "hating". Who cares if they skipped class? Who cares if they slapped someone? Who cares if they screamed at the police noone can beat me? Did YOU lose any sleep over this? Did it affect YOU in any way other than trying to build yourself up, while putting someone else down?? i didn't think so. You should really consider some of the things you write and post onthe internet. It actually makes you appear worse than you were trying to make them appear.

B and T Crowd said...

Thanks for the comments...what's your name again? I thought most people aren't scared to ID themselves when making a point that they actually believe is strong, correct, and worth making. I guess this argument doesn't fit that criteria.