Wednesday, January 11, 2006

You'd Laugh Too

It seems no matter the office space I work in, I'm always within earshot of this vibrating noise from a drill or mini-jack hammer that makes me laugh. It's not your typical virbrating construction noise, but more of a thumping. It's the kind of noise that sounds a lot like the thing we all do, some better than others, that changes the smell in the air for the worse.

That's right, everyday, as construction is being done on an adjacent floor, it sounds like someone is farting (commence laughing), also known as breaking wind, cutting the cheese, passing gas, and letting one rip. I can't help but think like this when I hear the drill used.

It's along the same line as laughing when someone says, "It's my duty." From elementary school to the present, I still laugh when I hear that and think of "doody". I know, I shouldn't at my age, but I also know I'm not the only one who still does. I guess this can't be my postcard secret anymore.

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Anonymous said...

You've really reached the bottom of the barrel. Flatulence is no laughing matter. As a chronic "pooter" I know the embarassment and shame a natural bodily function can bring. Yes I've tried Beano, and GasX but to no avail. No one wants to stand next to me or hang out because of my problem, yet you yuck it up, thanks for the insenitivity. By the way my gas smells like your great state of New Jersey jerkface sandwich! I leave you with this: Confuscious say, Elevator smell different to midget.