Wednesday, January 25, 2006

No TV Before the Super Bowl

With about 10 days to go before Super Bowl XL (that's 40), it's time for me to avoid any sports pundits/experts (who are really just paid guessers). There is so much hype and overtalk before the game that it's too much to take. Any fan of the league shouldn't need these talking heads to get them ready for the game. By the way, Why does the NFL keep using roman numerals? It doesn't add any class or stature to the game. It just forces kids to learn an outdated numbering system in elementary school that they won't use, but once a year when it's gametime.

All you have to know is the Steelers and Seahawks are evenly matched. Nobody knows how either team will play so any pre-game talk and overanalysis of Jerome Bettis' return to Detroit is pointless. Look, everyone thought Indy would destory everyone, but they went against what everyone thought and lost. If sports history has shown us anything (see: Pats/Rams Super Bowl) predictions are just wasted breath. There's a reason things are settled on the field. I know it's the media's job to talk about sports, but they won't get any of my attention.

So join me in avoiding all sports media, especially ESPN (and not just for Stuart Scott or the fact that less highlights are shown than ever before). You'll never get the highlights you've been waiting to see unless you sit through a breakdown of why Pittsburgh's decision to stay with white uniforms matters. Is that so important to know? Incessant talking about the same topics until they're beaten into the ground is for 24-hr cable news networks.

The sports division is like any other news division...if there's no legit news, they'll talk about the same old news until either their heads explode or something newsworthy actually happens. Unfortunately, the later always occurs just in time.

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