Thursday, March 02, 2006

Pseudo Computer Guy

Consider this the first (or a warning depending on your view) of who knows how many entries about things I've learned about my computer. Don't worry, this blog isn't suddenly a computer blog, but a computer entry is to be expected on days when I have no traffic complaints. If all goes well, as in that I actually write them, they'll include talk about converting different types of media for free of course, other free programs that have become very useful in keeping my 350 MHZ Dell computer able to (barely) keep up with the heavier programs (though it did crash three weeks ago), and whatever nonsense I care to share and only hope someone actually reads. Don't expect incredibly in-depth reviews, but the programs I mention are solid downloads that I've used for years and I'll give some bare bones advice on how to use'em well.

A book on computer programming might as well be in another language for me.

I won't get bogged down in any techno-babble since I wouldn't know what I'd be saying anyway. I apologize in advance for some longer techno entries, but I wanted to layout how I determined each step. I admit I really enjoy mixing things up with my computer and have since my Commodore 64, IBM PS/1, and my current Dell. Perhaps, if memory serves me well, they'll have their own blog entries. I never took a computer science or computer engineering course and am self-taught (for the most part) on lots of things. By self-taught I mean lots of trial and (even more) error, all of which lets me be the IT guy for my family and a friend or two. Until then, enjoy the first one about free ringtones appearing tomorrow. Commence napping.

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