Wednesday, March 08, 2006

H (and) M Clothing - Lost In Translation

Over the weekend I made my way to the White Flint Mall and Montgomery Mall (sorry, Westfield Montgomery) because it was about time I replaced two dress pants (I don't like writing "pairs of pants"). The first stores I went to were places like Banana Republic and H & M. Banana's prices, not surprisingly, were just a wee bit too high, even with a gift card so that left H & M. I hate shopping and only spend a minute or two browsing the selection before moving on. Well at H & M, I found two pants that looked formal enough for my needs in the first 30 seconds so I gave them a shot. I got my size and one above just to be safe. Unfortunately, I really should have found pants at least 8-10 sizes above my normal waist.

I know the tape says inches, but H & M thinks it's centimeters.

I was warned by my cohort that H & M clothes are small, but this was ridiculous. I couldn't get my real size up to my waist in the first place (and no, it's not because I'm in some sort of size-denial). The next size didn't help much either. I went back and looked for my size +8, but at the time that size wasn't on the rack so I left. I went to a department store in the Montgomery Mall and bought two pants in my normal size without issue. This begs the question, why are H & M clothes so much smaller than their sizes? Perhaps something is lost in the size translation from Europe. I don't know. If anything, I'd make clothes a little larger than the printed size so everyone feels better about themselves.

I know how ya feel.


MappyB said...

No kidding, it's awful to a self esteem too. I hear it's the same with wedding dresses. My size 4 friend had to order a size 12 dress. No kiddin'!

Lindsay said...

You have no idea how hard it can be to find a size zero that fits when all the stores are trying to help the ever-more obese American crowd feel better by making their sizes larger.
Unfortunately, there aren't any sizes smaller than zero, and even that is extremely difficult to find. I find more and more that my size is seizing to exist.
I don't support the annorexia-prone models setting a bad example for youth, but I also feel that society likes to make up for it by pointing out EVERYTHING remotely having to do with being thin as wrong. I faced a lot of criticism from my peers growing up as a result of this, and I am just naturally thin.
-Thought that I might share with you and your readers the other side of the story.

cara said...

i don't normally retaliate in response to a previous comment, but i do not in the least bit feel sorry for you because finding a size zero is so tough. maybe if you knew the difference between "seizing" and "ceasing" i would understand your point. but this really doesn't seem to be the place to whine about not finding your size, this is more about sizes being inconsistent from manufacturer to manufacturer, which of course can kill anyone's self esteem regardless if they are a 6 or a 14.

shoppergirl said...

I finally shopped at H&M and bought quite a few outfits suitable for many occasions. Yes, I were a 10-12 top and had to buy a size 14. I should have known better... Swedish sizing is different from american. Perhaps the average person is of a smaller frame.Don't get discouraged, the clothes are worth it.