Thursday, March 09, 2006

Dusting Off The Old Weights

Way back in the day (at least six months ago) I used to lift weights on a regular basis. I did the same exercises each time and kept the weights about the same since I wasn't looking to get bigger, etc., and I couldn't exactly vary my weights too much anyway. While I always good about myself after lifting, it was always a struggle to get myself there each day. Let's face it, I am a great exercise procrastinator. To do this, I've talked myself into needing a decent amount of food in my stomach, to taking a shower before working out, to checking my email, to watching TV, or the best - needing a short nap to rest before exerting myself (always a bad idea since it turns into a long nap).

Long time no see.

While it would have made sense to lift during the fall and winter since it wasn't so nice outside, I didn't move the plates at all and have impressions in the carpet to prove it. After six months of little exercise outside of a few runs and bike rides, combined with a voracious holiday appetite, it's time to break a sweat again. Yesterday, I literally dusted off my weights and tried remembering how much I lifted before my sabbatical. My estimates were okay for where I am now, but I still have a little ways to go to lift what I could before. By the way, nothing ever smells as bad as old gym gloves. I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy, well maybe.

Avoid the crowds and odor with your own set.

I don't lift at any gym or club, but instead I lift at home or at my apartment's community gym. By lifting at home, it ensures I get my weights when I want and I hear the music I want. Of course, going to a gym doesn't let me procrastinate because once I'm there, there's nothing else to do, but workout. I know I could wear headphones while I'm there, but I think they'll just get in my way. At least when I'm home, the second I'm done, I've got my own shower and I avoid losing time to travel to and from the gym. My weightset has served me well ever since I bought it about three years ago. With two barbells, one dumbbell, 4-10 lb plates, 6-5 lb plates, and 4-2.5 lb plates, I've been able to create almost any weight I need. Now that I've started again, I hope I don't procrastinate too badly this season.

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