Thursday, March 23, 2006

No Title For Bacne's Career!

Woohoo! Duke lost to LSU a few minutes ago. That means JJ graduates (finally!) and does so without any championships. It also means the last team I really care about losing is done. Redick is a great shooter (other things like playing defense and ballhandling we'll ignore) and did enjoy a phenomenal college career...outside of that whole being a champion part. For a program that has had a #1 seed so many times, you'd think there would be more titles on campus. Just call them the Atlanta Braves of college basketball - too few titles for the number of conference/division crowns. Ratface (Coach K for my new readers) does a great job in getting his teams to the sweet 16...which is a fine accomplishment if you don't have higher goals.

JJ, I'll always remember what we had...lots of ACC titles, but no championships. Let's cry together.

Heckle'em all ya want, at least they got their championship.

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