Tuesday, November 08, 2005

TO Gets A Season-Long T.O.

Now that Terrell Owens is done for the year, and he successfully hurt both of my fantasy football teams, I wonder how this saga will play out across the league. TO is an extreme case of a loudmouth player who went too far, but I think NFL teams will keep all of their players on a shorter leash over the next year or two. TO is a great player and it's a shame he couldn't just play the game and leave it at that. While a team like the Raiders usually takes arrogant and selfish players that nobody wants, I can't see teams giving their players much room to mess up, miss practice, and say so many detrimental things. TO not only burned his bridges throughout the league, but he decreased everyone else's room for error when behaving badly.

I wouldn't want to be the next person to annoy a team and be compared to the second-coming of TO. It'll probably be another WR since they do more talking than anyone else because they don't get hit on every play or as much as any other position. That's why there are not RB's posing for the cameras, etc. They know they'll get hit about 25 times a game. A WR may only catch 3 or 4 balls a game, and even if you count the occasional shove or block, it's nowhere near the pounding a RB takes.

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