Wednesday, November 30, 2005

I Need Edward Scissorhands

It has almost been two months since my last haircut and it really shows. The last cut was a bit on the short side, but now my hair is way over the long side. The sideburns are getting a little out of control, though they're not the worst of the chaos. They can easily be trimmed to buy me some time, but the rest of my hornet's nest is on its own. I'm thankful for the hair I still have on my head, but when it gets like this, not even I can appreciate it.

Not having internal organs, a nervous system, nor a conscience is fine with me since I never need a haircut.

No amount of styling gel can overcome the random cowlicks each day. There's already so much of it in my hair that my hair feels like plastic. It's as if my hair was taken from redheaded Ken (of Ken and Barbie fame). Plus, since my hair is curly, I always have a Superman-esque curl in the front so its abundently clear my folicles have run amok. I could go really short (2.5 on the top, 1.5 on the sides) with my next cut so this topic won't be revisited for another three months, or I could just get my haircut on time instead of putting it off for an extra three weeks like I have and gain no advantage.

You mean it's extra for my manicure? That's discrimination!

I have found one person in the DC area who I trust with my haircut, but I still favor my original one in NJ. She gave me a new cut back in high school that I haven't veered from since. Fortunately, as a guy, my haircuts never reach the astronomical prices that a woman sees (though those with long hair don't get it cut as often so the difference isn't too bad). If I really wanted to save some cash by sacrificing quality, I have two choices - Great Clips (which I've used a few times in the summer for my buzzcut (yet they managed to even mess that up)) or a FlowBee. I've never used a FlowBee, but I've always been curious how well it would do - but not so curious that I'd ever use one on myself, especially if I'd end up liking a tool like the guy pictured below. And yes, I just wanted to mention it so I could add its picture to this blog.

Doing this at the bar and wearing my tan and olive green shirt always attracts the ladies.

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