Tuesday, November 15, 2005

Come on folks, we're flying here

Whenever any of us fly (somewhere), we're always asked, "How was the flight?" I used to never have any problems with the question, until I saw a short comedic cartoon that raised a good point...Why ask how the flight was when the act of flying is incredible enough? I mean you're flying! A few bumps of turbulence are so minor when you consider that you're tens of thousands of feet in the air, traveling 500 MPH, during which you're usually in a comfortable chair, with food service, and maybe a movie. I admit that I used to ask, "How was your flight?", but now I just ask if anyone was annoying on the flight. If the flight made you throw-up, that would be good information to share, but other than that, there's no need to let me know about a few sudden ups and downs.

Just appreciate the technology used to get you off the ground - such as how powerful the engines must be to get you in the air or even the idea that flying has become commonplace for everyone. 40-50 years ago, flying was only for the most elite citizens with cash to burn. Of course, there are detractors who'd argue that we've been flying for plenty of time now and shouldn't experience much bumpiness along the way - akin to the cars of today when we expect to feel less and less bumps. Of course, the airline can't control unstable pockets of air, just as even the smoothest riding car will jerk you around over a speed bump or on any D.C. street. I'd still rather hear about the baby crying in the back, the guy who snored next to you with bad breath, and the idiot who thinks his full-size suitcase is really a carry-on that'll fit in the overhead bin.

Shouldn't someone be looking the other way?

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