Thursday, November 03, 2005

Nevermind the video, go ahead and plead innocent

In Sunday's Bengals/Packers game, with Brett Favre driving in the last minute of the game, a fan ran onto the field, took the ball from Brett and ran to the other end of the field. Security eventually caught up to him and probably gave him a nice idiot-punch (not seen below). The five-minute delay let the Bengals gather themselves and sack Favre on the next play to ultimately win the game.

Nevermind a discussion of the poor security measures that should have been in place to prevent this guy running on the field, but how could he actually plead innocent after being accused of resisting arrest, trespassing and disorderly conduct while intoxicated? It's not like there isn't lots of video and eyewitnesses to prove he did what he has been charged with. The judge probably had to refrain from laughing when this guy pleaded innocent. It's too bad a player didn't pull a Mike Curtis (of the Baltimore Colts for you young'uns) and clothesline the guy for being dumb enough to run on a football field during a game.

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