Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Duraflame Color-Changing Log...yeah, not so much

The first week for fireplace usage has been refreshing. It's always great to look at the flames and get warm the old fashioned way. I tried a little experiment this year by using the Duraflame Color-Changing Log (DCCL) - not to burn my real wood, but to try it because I've always been curious. Though I still love the regular woodburning colors, this was supposed to be a nice change of pace. Unfortunately, it only adds one color to the fire and disappoints too often. If you only want one color in addition to the usual dark blue and bright yellow/white you normally get, then the DCCL is for you.

The packaging shows many colored flames that don't appear when you finally light the log. The package shows the bright yellow/white and dark blue flames which is fine, but those come naturally with burning wood. The box also shows a light turqoise flame that you vividly do get to see, but it's the only non-naturally occuring color you get. After burning 3 logs, I never saw any of the "promised" red flames, nor any "promised" well-developed purple or green flames. I've only seen those colors in the slightest hue for a few seconds on one of the logs. They were probably a mirage because I kept thinking I'd see them so I made myself think they were there.

While it's nice to have a third flame color, it's cheapened when you keep waiting for the reds, greens, and purples to make as an agressive appearance. I've even tried burning it on the wrong side to no avail. I have 3 DCCLs left before it's back to the old reliable regular burning wood. If a DCCL could be used for regular wood burning, then things could be salvaged, but since they're not, they're not worth the time and money. I did try the crackle log and found it nice to listen to, but still too fragile for any real firewood burning. The tried and true woodburning without the bells and whistles is the way to go.

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