Friday, November 11, 2005

License Plate Stickers - Seriously People

With every late morning departure to work, I have time to enjoy the sights and sounds around me while slowly traversing the Potomac River. I have noticed many drivers can't follow simple directions. Today I'm not talking about road signs, right of way issues, and merges. I'm talking about license plate expiration sticker placement.

Updating your license with its new stickers is really quite simple. In this area, you get two stickers - one for the month and one for the year. The white/blue background year sticker goes in the upper-right and the red/green background month sticker goes in the upper-left. Many plates even have black outlines boxes so you know exactly where the stickers must go. Inevitably, this proves too hard for some folks out there. They're the same people who jammed their round block into the triangle hole until it fit in Kindergarten. Yesterday morning, someone had not only placed their month sticker in the bottom left, but covered it with their license plate bracket. Come on people.

Of course, some people place stickers in the upper corners, but still have the month sticker where the year should go. You folks aren't too bad, but you really should get things right at this point in your adulthood. To the DMV's (that's the MVA for Marylanders) credit, their instructions are as simple as placing stickers really is. And for full disclosure, the stickers for my relatively new car were put on the dealer, however, I promise you I never failed to properly place my license stickers on my old cars and plates.

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