Tuesday, November 22, 2005

I almost ate cat poop for lunch

Before I head off to work, I usually clean the cat's litter box and deposit his deposits in one our many Giant/Shoppers/Target plastic bags. Well I usually make lunch the night before and also use one of those plastic bags to hold my not-so-extravagant lunches. Can you see where this is going? So this morning I cleaned up his gifts in a Target bag and carried it to my car while my carpooler took my lunch (also in a Target bag) to the car. I had a brainfart and forgot I wasn't carrying my lunch instead of the Target bag with cat poop in it. I placed the cat poop bag in the trunk with my other work items and was about to drive off when my carpooler asked what I had done with the cat's bag.

I ran outside, opened the trunk, and threw the poop bag in the garbage. Granted I probably wouldn't have ate it for lunch anyway since I had my actual lunch already in the car, but for all we know knowing me, I would have forgotten about the real lunch in the car when I got to work and would've taken the cat's "lunch" out of the trunk with my other stuff instead. Just imagine me walking to work with a bag of poop. Then around 12:30, I would have been starving for lunch, only to get one that's a little on the sandy side with a potpourri scent.

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Anonymous said...

This is beautiful.