Monday, November 21, 2005

I'm a lover, not a fighter

I've received many (actually just one) emails about my Carl Kasell post a few days ago from one of NPR's greatest fans. With multiple radios tuned to NPR throughout their house, it'd be tough to find more devoted listeners than a few members of my Chicago fan club. I value their input about Carl's time on the air (shouldn't that phrase really be "in the air"?). I fully recognize his newswriting and reporting abilities as the profession's best, but I can't hear past that little saliva noise he makes. I tried listening this morning and it's still there in all its distracting glory. I doubt this elaborated my thoughts on NPR's news matriarch anymore than the first post, but I have to show my Chicago region readers that I read all of their compliments and complaints.

Afterall, once the NFL playoffs start, their football team will be shown for its false success b/c of a weak schedule. Ok, that wasn't really necessary, but I've done poorly in our football pick'em league (again!) while the current and former Chicago residents in the league always beat me to a pulp.

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