Thursday, August 11, 2005

World's Loudest Happy Hour

Yesterday I had dinner with a good friend of mine at "On The Border" off Rockville Pike. I hadn't dined in Mexican food in a while so why not get my fix here. Upon walking in, we noticed how incredibly loud the bar area was. I understand happy hour noise levels get high, but this was crazy. It was as if the restaurant's walls were designed to reflect the noise back upon itself and create even more noise, forcing everyone already making noise, to make even more noise so they're heard over the noise they just made.

I figured once we were sitting in the dining room, the noise wouldn't be too bad, but alas, my co-diner and I had to ask, "what did you say?" more than a few times to overcome the noise. Despite being a lactard, I ordered the supreme dinner that gives a sampling of a few mexican meals. The food was really nothing special thanks to being lathered in cheese, so this was probably my first and last meal at On The Border.

By the way, for those weirdos still wondering, I survived the meal and just to give you too much information, it hasn't caused me any trouble...yet.

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