Tuesday, August 16, 2005

Triple Bypass Means Triple Wives

Melvyn Reed recently underwent triple bypass surgery and like anyone else, some friends and family stopped by to see how he was doing. It's a simple enough idea that usually has no complications, unless of course all THREE of your wives arrive at the same time!

According to the article, he did his best to stager their visits to avoid any problems, but none of them seemed to get that message. Bigamy is illegal in our old motherland so he did face some penalties from the court. I don't know what brought on his surgery, but at least when the ladies arrived, he was in a good place in case his heart ran into more troubles. What's interesting is how he was able to pull the hoax off for so long. This just goes to show you, when you're in the hospital and are married/dating more than one person and you stager their visits, at the very least make them on different days so you don't become another blog entry.

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