Sunday, August 14, 2005

Too Hot For Free Tickets

Through my dad's "connections" not named Tony Soprano, he got 4 tickets to today's Oriole game versus Toronto. When he got the tickets, we were both excited to not only see each other and some baseball, but also because at the time, the O's were in first place. How times have changed. The O's immediately (and completely unrelated to the tickets of course) went into a freefall close to biblical levels. So with the game today, the O's are in 4th place, far out of the playoff picture, and will again finish the year below .500.

My dad and still thought about going b/c we'd spend time together (awww) and at least see some semblance of baseball. Well, thanks to the oppressive heat and humidity this weekend, he ended up going about an hour or so down the turnpike before calling me to say if it was still hot in his car despite the AC, watching a game outside, even for a few innings would be brutal. So he's on his way home to watch the PGA Championship and hangout with the dog. I had said to him yesterday how hot it would be, but we decided to take our chances, even for two hours of gametime, but it wasn't meant to be (and we don't get to boo Palmeiro's first game since his suspension).

Though we both would have loved to get together, it was just too hot to make it worthwhile. So for now, I'm staying inside, watching golf, and calling my dad.

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