Monday, August 15, 2005

The World's Least Superficial Dog Owner

Come on, be honest with me, you first looked at the picture below before reading this entry. That's okay since I would have done the same. Damn, that is one ugly dog. It looks like something from a horror movie or the host of "Tales From the Crypt." The picture is not meant to scare, injure, or harm you. Rather, it is to show that there are a few dogowners who don't choose their dog based on appearance. The following is a 14-year-old Chinese Pedigreed crested that won the World's Ugliest Dog Contest a few weeks ago.

I think the owner could at least do a few things to help the dog's appearance. For one, adding a little styling gel to those five white hairs would really help the dog meet some lady friends. Also, is it possible for the owner, Susie Lockheed, to brush Sam's teeth once in a while? I guess it is impressive to have won the contest for the last three years, but you have to wonder what it's doing for the dog's confidence when he isn't approached at the dog park to even have his backside sniffed, and isn't that something we all work toward each day?

Sam is blind and does suffer from many medical problems and requires lots of pills so Lockheed should be congratulated on taking him in, but come on, don't kick him while he's down by putting him in ugly dog contests. Lockheed said she has never had a dog so much in love with her, well, I guess she doesn't care that dogs in love tend to gravitate toward people like themselves.

Is Lockheed crazy? That depends on your opinion of people in dogshows and the like. She gives Sam bottled water, ensures he is always hanging out in 70-degree environments, makes him home-cooked meals (including flan and french toast), and the best one...Sam sleeps with her...get this...under the bedsheets! I bet Sam is a nice and well-behaved dog, but do you really want to wakeup with that thing next to you? If you want to know the latest on Lockheed and her dog, checkout their blog.

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