Thursday, August 18, 2005

50 straight hours of videogames is too much? Really?

It turns out there is a limit the body can endure when it comes to consecutive videogame playing hours. A South Korean man recently died after playing 50 hours at an Internet cafe'. After his session timed-out, he collapsed and died from heart failure. He had created a bed at the cafe' and wasn't eating much food during his marathon session. I don't know about you, but you'd like to think the owner of the cafe' would have stopped the guy from playing when he created his own bed in the cafe'! Sure it was fine taking the guy's money for all that playing time, to which I see nothing wrong, but when the customer becomes a resident of your store, it's time to kick him out. Videogame addiction is a problem and for the cafe' to let it occur at such an extreme level just for some extra money is a shame. That's not to say some of their regular customers aren't in need of help, but when someone actually makes the cafe' their home, you (or his parents and friends) have to stop them.

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