Sunday, August 28, 2005

Hurricane Katrina's Crashing The New Orleans Party

As much as I wanted to write about the great dinner I had last night at Old Europe, Hurricane Katrina is now a category 5 storm - aimed at New Orleans. Yeah, this is not looking good. Almost every computer model says the storm is headed toward New Orleans, and that's a scary thing, especially with parts of the city below sea level and predicted storm surges of 20 feet.

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I am amazed that a storm that I naively thought "only" dumped 20 inches of water on south Florida has exploded into this massive storm. While it's good to hear that the evacuation seems to have gone well, there are those who sadly won't be out of the storm's way. From a 3 to a 5 overnight is incredible, so let's keep all of our Gulf of Mexico friends in our minds as the storm makes landfall Monday.

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