Saturday, April 15, 2006

White Shirts and Me Don't Get Along

Akin to getting peanut butter on my pants, I never make it through the day without getting random ink on my newly-cleaned white shirt. Any other colored shirt never attracts such attention from ink (and certainly doesn't make it as obvious). It's not like I take a black pen and draw a 1-inch line on my cuffs for fun. What surprises me even more is when I get an ink line on my upper arm. How on earth did it get up there? I didn't put a leaky pen in a headlock underneath my armpit. Perhaps it's a cruel dry cleaner trick in which they place random ink lines on a shirt that you won't notice at pickup, but will surely notice after you're at work. This way, you have a clear and definitive reason to bring the shirt right back.

1 comment:

Your Old Keyboard said...

Because your're not messy or anything. Cough, Cough. I think I just inhaled some granola bar leavings.