Tuesday, April 04, 2006

D.C.'s Best Gym With a Free Membership

Ever feel like you don't have time to workout? Did you miss another spinning class because "the man" kept you late again? Here's a solution - step all the way up an entire metro escalator. Don't worry, people will move out of your way to the right. Feel free to give them a little shove if they don't get the message...plus, those are tourists anyway. Since I traverse the Rosslyn metro twice a day, it lets me appreciate things like its incredibly long escalator. The downstep is easy since you're only falling forward and tests your balance. It's the upstep the separates the smart (non-steppers) from the stubborn (steppers).

Are you dizzy yet? And that's just the downhill.

Everyday I talk myself into recreating my people's trek through the sand with a long walk of my own. I always start with good intentions because the earlier I get up the stairs, the earlier I get to my car, and of course the earlier I get home. That is until the killer last 30% when I lose feeling in my legs. I secretly hope people ahead of me will stop in the left so I can use that excuse to stop. Of course, they know better and I find myself keeping pace with a rabbit stepper in front. When it's all over, I'm looking for some Gatorade and wondering why I'd ever do it again.

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