Tuesday, April 25, 2006

Do You Stanap On The Metro?

Even in my short metro commutes, I try to fit as much downtime as I can before work on the way in, and after work before I hit the Rosslyn stairs. Some semi-shuteye is easy when you have a place to sit, but for those times when there's no place for your backside, you must nap while standing. To stand while napping is what I call a Stanap. It doesn't let you sleep as well as you would sitting in a seat or laying on the metro floor (scratch that last idea for health reasons), but it does give you (the sense) of sleep.

Fellow riders...I wouldn't look so strange standing with my eyes closed if you got up and gave me a seat so I could sit with my eyes closed.

Some people might get sick when they close their eyes in a moving metro, but not me. I only get sick when I try to read or play games while on the metro. Of course I never really fall asleep since the sudden stops and jerks along the way would make me lose my balance and knock my head on a pole. Nevertheless, the stanap is a great skill to acquire as you almost sleep while keeping your balance during the ride. Until the metro starts a policy where seating preference should be given to the handicapped, elderly, and those wanting to sleep, I will continue doing the stanap and weirding out other (by)standers wondering why anyone would close their eyes, stand on the metro, and start to snore.

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