Thursday, April 20, 2006

A Few Things You Wanted To Know About The Metro, But Were Scared To Ask

The other day, my mind wandered when I stared at the extra-legged octopus known as the Metro map. I know there are 10 end points, but only 9 of them to the DC line so there's no need for hate mail. I wanted to know the longest ride and figured you'd have to start at Franconia-Springfield and end your ride at Largo Town Center, Greenbelt, Glenmont, or Shady Grove. Not that this required thesis-level research, but I played around on Metro's website and got the following results:

Leaving Franconia-Springfield and traveling to:

Greenbelt - 25.41 Miles/70 Minutes/$3.90 (regular fare)

Glenmont - 25.49 Miles/67 Minutes/$3.90 (regular fare)

Shady Grove - 29.46 Miles/74 Minutes/$3.90 (regular fare)

Leaving Shady Grove and traveling to:

Vienna/Fairfax - GMU -25.20 Miles/70 Minutes/$3.90 (regular fare)

Largo Town Center - 26.37 Miles/68 Minutes/$3.90 (regular fare)

The shortest trip is between Federal Triangle and Metro Center. It's a 1-minute trip covering 0.31 miles for $1.35 (regular and reduced fare). There are several other 2-minute trips and other short distance trips like Federal Triangle to Smithsonian, but it's an ungodly 0.07 miles longer and a 2-minute ride. I didn't check every pair of stations that appear very close to each other because I figured there can't be another 1-minute ride...or is there?

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