Sunday, April 09, 2006

A Tortilla Chip Magnet

It has been some time since I've waxed poetically about some great food out there. This blog will never be confused for any of the food blogs out there, but I must let you know about the greatest guacamole out there. Nope, it's not Chipotle's ($1.50 for a spoonful of guac is overpriced anyway), nor will you find this guac at (everything is bland here) Baja Fresh. If you need some guac without the hassle of "making it yourself" as some people like to do, just buy AvoClassic's regular guacamole.

Behold...your guacamole search has ended

It's available at Giant and most Safeway stores, though I've found that Giant has the better price at $3.99. Unlike other store bought brands, this one doesn't go overboard with any one ingredient, making for a nice sauce for any tortilla chip. Each box yields two bags of guac that you cut open and squeeze where you want. Just be sure to eat it within a week of its purchase, or else it won't have that fresh taste as the onions take over. I care so much (or maybe I'm just that pathetic) that I told a woman, who was deciding on a guac at Giant on Saturday, that the AvoClassic brand is the only way to go. I told her to stick with the regular and she'd be just fine. I imagine she may have agreed with me just to get rid of me, but I'll take it.

Yummy, yummy, yummy, I've got guac in my tummy.

Am I writing too much about this for not getting any kickback? Sure I am, but it's just because I care so much about your avocado needs.

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