Thursday, April 06, 2006

A Passover Sedar Rap With 50 Cent and Other Reasons to Celebrate

In one week, It'll be that time of the year when we "enjoy" matzah pancakes, answer questions why we can't eat pizza or a hogie, and try as we might to keep kosher for (gasp!) an entire week.

It's Matzah, Matzah, Man!

An oldie, but a classic:

The best (only) Matzah rap ever!


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sammygeerock said...

Countdown to misery! Matzah Brie is the only way to go. What's a worse feeling the 5lb burrito from Chipotle that sits in your stomach like a brick, or the week long Matzah back up?

You're the unkown member of The Village People, the Rabbi. Who came up with the tune Matzah Man, was laughed out of the group and idea was stolen. That idea was used to write the song as the public knows it today, Macho Man. You then became depressed and took a job as a the towel boy at a bath house, working for tips. (Both kinds)

Reya Mellicker said...

I wish I knew how to say thank you in Hebrew. I needed a big laugh today. This was just ... surreal ... and great. Thank You!