Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Giada De Laurentiis' Gigantic Head

Whenever I'd like to feel bad about my cooking inability and simple meals, I'll watch the Food Network. It does have some nice shows like "Good Eats" with Alton Brown (thanks for the steak receipe!), but there are a few shows/hosts that are unwatchable. Certainly, for a station like Food Network, a show's success has a little to do with the food prepared, and a whole lot to do with the host's personality. A nice amount of easy, medium, and hard cooking shows must be struck. I'd imagine the majority of viewers are confident with their skillset and want to watch a show that's one level above them. Therefore, many shows are just above basic/generic homecooking. A channel of professional chefs would alienate typical viewers, while too many episodes of "How to Boil Water" would be insulting.

On "Everyday Italian", Giada De Laurentiis takes the usual homemade Italian dish and spices it up (too easy, I know) with some nice twists. I really only have two issues with the show. I'm not one to speak about someone's hairstyle (though I've got a relative who should), but I'm going to anyway. Giada could really use a different hairstyle that doesn't actually accentuate her incredibly large forehead. Stop pushing the hair behind your ears, you're not doing yourself any favors. Don't get me wrong, she's still easy on the eyes, but a slight change would do wonders. The way things are, her head looks like a fully-inflated helium balloon attached to a helium tank.

Of course, let's pretend the Food Network only puts cooks on TV because of their abilities and not appearance. You can stop laughing now. No, it's okay, I'll wait. Are you done? Ok. Now back to our friendly "Everyday Italian". The cooking is well done and looks like it would taste great, but the production is too distracting. When Giada says, "I'll mash the potatoes in this bowl," the camera does a very tight shot of the bowl and the mashing. It's an abrupt move that disorients the viewer. If they could just zoom out a little bit before taking the shot, viewers would easily orient themselves. Otherwise it's too jarring. I know closeups of cooking actions are key to a cooking show, but it shouldn't be used for every onion slice or dash of salt. It's as if the producer has a fetish for her hands and must give them as much facetime as the food.

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Anonymous said...

I was directed to this site today by your most faithful Chicago reader...and now I fully understand. You have crossed a line here! Even though Dr. Football refers to this chef as "Butta Face", you cannot fault Giada for her hairstyle! We love her and her camera angles! May I suggest you keep your commentary to your turf--ESPN, ESPN2, ESPNClassic, ESPN EnEspagnol, ESPN ETC.

Carl V. said...

I'd have to side with you on this one. I for one only watch Everyday Italian because of the V neck tops, but my God her head looks like its two sizes to big...occasionally during commercials there are shots where her hairstyle minimizes this effect some so I don't understand why they don't do something about this for the show. Ah well, if I just don't look her in the eyes I'll probably be okay.

Anonymous said...

evidently some people have nothing to do except make negative comments. let me know when you all get your own shows

fenway said...

I personally love the camera angles, cuts, lighting and over-all feel of the show. Men are crazy. Is this what guys really think about? Giada is gorgeous. I'd like to see what you look like. On second thought, never mind. Ok, now I'm sure you'll laught at this one, but Giada and Ina are two who have really given me the confidence to cook some pretty elaborate meals, which, by the way, were friggin delicious.

Anonymous said...

I agree a new a hairstyle would help to minimize the effect, maybe bangs.

Anonymous said...

GIADA BIGHEAD! Cooking? Cooking? Who cares about the cooking? She needs to do something about that giant grape! It's disturbing! It's distracting! It's just TOO DAMNED BIG!