Wednesday, December 28, 2005

It'll Forever Be "Time to make the donuts"

Cops, Homer Simpson, and coffee aficionados should hold a moment of silence for Michael Vale, the Dunkin' Donuts ad actor who passed away this morning in NYC from diabetes complications. The 83-year-old was "Fred the Baker" for 15 years until retiring in 1997. He appeared in more than 1,300 commercials! Including several appearances on "3-2-1 Contact" as Soapy Suds. Who knew?

I have always been a Dunkin' Donuts kind of guy. I tried Krispy Kreme a few times and the only palatable flavor is the regular glazed. However, lots of DD offerings do the trick for me. While the coconut shavings and glazed with sprinkles flavors are solid bets, the best is the Boston Kreme. I won't even make an argument for it b/c it doesn't need one (and my fingers hurt). There are no other donuts even close its greatness. Mmmmm...donuts.....

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